Formate des WIR

A series of discursive events
May – November 2013

Current perspectives on artistic formations, collective activities and approaches in Berlin since the 1960s.

It is noticeable that in the course of current discussions among cultural producers in Berlin – maybe too rarely? – previous accomplishments, considerations and practices are recalled and passed on in the form of knowledge.

Since the 1960s the practice of art has increasingly taken as its theme the assignation of meaning and the various modes of representation of art itself. The aim is to test models which are capable or creating anti-hegemonic, discursive spaces for a diverse public.

This involves collective and hybrid forms of production, dissemination and distribution, which, as artistic formats, call into question and transgress the conditions and exclusive mechanisms of established, bourgeois cultural institutions.

With the benefit of hindsight, Formate des WIR will look at – and back on – Berlin. The following questions will run throughout the programme of events:

Which formats have been developed by artists in Berlin to enable space for actions to be opened within fields of social conflict? In which artistic formats have models of democratic processes been tested? Are these models – their conditions, strategies and methods – applicable to current social negotiation processes?

Thematic Sketch:

– Collective artistic approaches in East Berlin during the 1980s.

– Living / surviving together: Work and living projects since Reunification.

– Extended artistic approaches in Berlin since Reunification.

– The dissolution of hegemonic structures in the theatre since the 1960s, especially in West Berlin, and the Performance Off-Scene around the turn of the millennium.

– Collective knowledge production in self-initiated structures.

– Self-organisation in production collectives working in the fields of film, art, books and music in West Berlin in the 1970s.